By Ray Ardinanda


Hello Slim! (Framework that is)

I was working on a project that requires inventory. Since I have so many clients that requires inventory programming, I thought that it is about time to create an API for the inventory system. I quickly browsed around a few options ( I will be using PHP ). Slim came on top of my list. The reason why I picked Slim is simple. Their frontpage



I need a framework that is quick and simple!

Slim offers a quick way to build APIs. It is as simple as setting up what they call routes, which is essentially where does my GET and POST go ( in layman’s term ). As the example on above screenshot states, running slim framework takes about 30 seconds. With the code above, you can capture ¬†all the GET request at /hello.

I got to say, the premises are great, however I am having trouble finding help or examples on this framework. Perhaps the PHP gurus might think that Slim is so simple that it does not require much documentation. I did not find the docs at Slim very helpful either. I do have to search for other resources in order to create my first API.

I am still a newbie at Slim. Will post more of my experience as I am doing my project.